Your First Project – A Simple Web Application


In our fourth article on developing ASP.Net web applications we will start to build the structure of the web site and provide you with a basic introduction to some of the features in our two chosen development platforms – Microsoft’s Web Matrix and Microsoft Visual Studio 2003. In our earlier articles we have already discussed the basics of these ASP.Net software development tools and shown you how to create your first ASP.Net web application. If you have followed through these articles you should now have a web application created, mine was called rras based on a new web site for a local Aquarium Society.

In the first section I will start off with a basic introduction to planning the structure of your application by outlining the basic requirements of my project. You should then be able to apply this to your own project. I will then work through the procedures to create this structure using both Web Matrix and Microsoft Visual Studio 2003.

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