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A Thorough Examination of Disabling the Back Button 
A Thorough Examination of "Disabling the Back Button." By I have had a lot of people ask, "How to I ‘disable’ the back button?" or, "How do I prevent a user from clicking the back button and going back to the previous screen?" In fact, this is one of the most commonly asked questions on the and, sadly, the answer is  

Adding a Shortcut Icon to a Web Page  
Wonder how some websites are able to place shortcut images inside the address bar, the Favorite menu or as an icon on your desktop? Well, Internet Explorer 5 allows for the placement of an image in the address bar.  

Automaticaly changing the default start page in your visitors browser 
Internet Explorer 5 has introduced many new features that web developers can implement to give their site more exposure and a greater number of visitors. One of these new features is the ability to automatically set the visitors start page.  

How do I get screen resolution from ASP?  
Screen Resolution has always been a tough egg to fry. In most browsers, you can't get a screen resolution. But if you can, what do you plan to do with it? If I have a screen resolution of 1600x1200, it doesn't mean that my browser is that size. So if you create a table that is 1550 pixels wide, just because you've detected my resolution, if my browser is not maximized I'm going to have to scroll all over the place to see the whole page.  

Obtaining your User's Browser Information  
Obtaining your User's Browser Information There are a number of ways to gather information about your user's browser, and there are a number of reasons you may want to. Some sites may have content that requires Internet Explorer only, or requires at least version 4.0  

Passing Arrays Between the Browser and an ASP Page  
Passing Arrays Between the Browser and an ASP Page By Passing Arrays from One ASP Page to Another This article demonstrates how to create and use arrays on a client-side form and pass this block of data (the array) to an ASP page when the form is submitted.  

User Tips Making sure International Web Browsers Render your  
User Tips: Making sure International Web Browsers Render your Web Pages Correctly By A recent survey concluded that 40% of the web population are non-English speakers. Many of these use non-English version web browsers.  

Why is browser compatibility such a challenge 
Why is browser compatibility such a challenge? There are literally hundreds of browsers out, each with dozens and in some cases hundreds of different versions, running on dozens of operating systems.  

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