SEO Case Study

A Local Successful SEO Campaign in a Competitive Market

Peter from PeterThomasPhotograpy came to us 5 or 6 years ago with no visibility in the organic search results. Like every client he was aware of the importance of high rankings in Google, and what it could mean to his business.

We’ve worked closely with Peter helping his website become one of the most visible if not the most visible websites in the orangic listings, the Google My Business listings and Google AdWords listings for many of the big, very profitable wedding photography keywords.

This has been replicated on the second most popular search engine Bing.

We’ve also worked on the Google Analytics setting up goals and events that have helped measure website performance and build and develop his online marketing strategy.

No1 Rankings in Google Organic & Google My Business

The screenshot below shows a search for the competitive term ‘Wedding Photographer Northern Ireland’.

SEO case study

The screenshot below also shows the site performing extremely well in Bing’s search engine.

Bing SEO for PeterThomas Photography

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What Our Clients Think

Chris Lamph testimonial "Michael is a true organic and paid search market expert. His knowledge is excellent and he's very much up to date with all the latest Google algos. Unlike MOST digital marketing firms Michael really knows what he's talking about. He helped me develop an excellent new Pay per click campaign increasing conversion rates and reducing cost per click."

5 star reviews

Overall Rating: 5 Out of 5, from 12 reviews on Google