Page 1 Rankings for Competitive National Keywords

Project Overview

When the client originally contacted Codefixer they had an ecommerce website that was struggling to generate website traffic from organic search results. They were finding it difficult to get found in the search results for their keywords due to it being in a highly competitive market with many large competitors.

Originally we identified that there were issues with the website that would negatively affect, both, user experience, and search engine rankings.

We worked with the client to develop a strategy to improve the SEO of their website as well as determined several national keywords to target in our SEO strategy, in the highly competitive search results.


We proposed that we would conduct an SEO Audit to identify the issues on the website which were preventing it from showing prominently in Google.

We would use this audit to create a strategy that we could implement continuously alongside the client, their internal developer and Codefixer. This method of managing the SEO strategy allowed for seamless integration of crucial on-site changes between the client and Codefixer without needing to consult with external teams. This allowed us to target specific on-site issues and remedy them effectively and promptly.


Our SEO strategy needed to identify and fix existing issues on the website, as well as coming up with a  strategy which would allow us to continue to improve the SEO of the website for years to come, leading to continuing increases in the number of users visiting the website, and the revenue generated through it.

We have now worked with the client for several years, primarily improving the On-Site SEO. In this time we’ve helped with a vast range of e-commerce SEO issues including; keyword research, competitor analysis, indexation & crawl errors, duplicate content, HTML titles and meta descriptions, content gap analysis & generation, schema markup, cannibalisation and competing pages, Google Analytics & Tag manager set up and configuration.


We first created an SEO audit on the client’s website. This audit was a comprehensive, 20+ page document which identified issues affecting the on-page SEO on the website. This audit covered; site speed, SSL certificates, structured data, crawl errors, broken links, image sizes, mobile usability, meta titles & descriptions, duplicate content, and much more, in great detail.

The results of the audit allowed us to craft a roadmap of which changes would need to be implemented on the website and worked with the developer to create a time-line where the tasks would be implemented. Whilst some of these tasks were relatively simple, others were vast in project size and required many hours in meticulous planning and execution where we worked closely with the developer.

Whilst we were making changes to the website we used tools such as Google Search Console, keyword ranking software, Google Analytics and Screaming Frog to determine the impact of the strategy on the site traffic and revenue. Monthly reports were provided to the client and there was a quarterly review where performance and opportunities in the SEO strategy would be discussed and a plan would be set forward for the following 3 months. This allowed us to continually adjust the strategy to respond to the highly competitive market.


Since the client employed the help of Codefixer, the keyword ranking went from non-existent for national keywords, to the majority on the first page of Google for competitive national keywords. We have been able to rank 22 competitive keywords in the number 1 position, and 87 keywords on the first page of Google. This has led to continual year-on-year growth of users and revenue from organic traffic.  Revenue has continued to grow with hundreds of thousands of pounds being generated each year from non-paid Google traffic. Between November 2018 and November 2019 new users from organic traffic to the website was up 28.58%

The traffic to the website and ecommerce performance has continued to improve throughout the relationship between Codefixer and our client and we continue to work together to improve keyword rankings, organic users, and most of all, revenue on the website.

keyword rankings

Keyword rankings for very competitive national keywords

22 new keywords ranked in position #1 ✔️
47 new keywords ranked in the top 3 results ✔️
61 new keywords ranked in the top 5 results ✔️
81 new keywords ranked on the first page of Google ✔️
Organic traffic up 28.58% between November 2018 and November 2019✔️

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