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Google Ads Specialists

Codefixer has produced outstanding returns on investment for clients through Google Ads, outperforming many of the top PPC agencies in Belfast & NI.

Need to get to the top of Google quickly & for all your keywords?

Pay Per Click and in particular Google Ads lets you pay to be listed at the top of the search engines. We can get you in front of people searching for your product or service.

the Google Ads team at Codefixer

How Does Google Ads Work?

  • It’s instant, you can get straight to the top of Google in no time at all

  • You can get a lot more traffic, on top of what you already get from SEO

  • You can set your budget, so you don’t spend a penny more

  • You can decide what keywords you want to rank for

  • You can decide what regions you wish to target ie. UK, Ireland, N. Ireland

  • You can decide on how much you want to pay per click

  • You can see all the clicks and new business enquiries you get

  • No need to worry about competitors clicking, Google has an anti fraud system designed to prevent repeated clicks and abuse

Michael Wall

Google Partner

Michael Wall one of Ireland’s longest serving SEO and Pay Per Click specialists runs the Google Ads campaigns and has extensive experience working on Google Shopping and lead generation campaigns.

For new campaigns we’ve Google Ads vouchers worth £400 to give away.

What’s the best thing about PPC?

Unlike SEO, with PPC you can get straight to the top of Google in no time at all, and everything such as the cost per click, the amount you spend, the number of conversions are all recorded. We believe PPC should be at least considered as part of any online marketing strategy, and that used in tandem with SEO can provide a very healthy return on investment.


If you already have a Pay Per Click account we can offer you an audit that will return a list of action points that will help improve your campaign. We see many Google Ads campaigns that are poorly set up and maintained, even successful ones that could do better.

What We Don’t Do

  • Set your campaign to autopilot and just hit you with an invoice every month
  • We won’t charge you exceedingly excessive prices, where the only ones making the money are PPC companies and Google

  • We won’t blind you with technical jargon to cover up poorly performing campaigns

What We Will Promise

  • One point of contact with an experienced Google Certified specialist
  • All work carried out by an experienced specialist
  • Monthly reporting with useful insights and recommendations
  • Responsive support & dedicated account management
  • Training and mentoring if requested

Google Shopping Campaigns

As well as running Google Search, Display & Video campaigns, we’re experienced running successful Google Shopping campaigns.
We were recently approached by a local Belfast retailer with a poorly performing e-commerce shopping campaign run by another agency and within weeks we had a ROAS of over 2000% generating over £65,000 of revenue per month and on top of that also helped double in-store revenue. December 2019 saw online revenue sales of over £200,000 and a cost to revenue of 4%. The previous 2 agencies had achieved sales of just over £20,000 during December 2018 and 2017.

Google Ads Training

We also offer 1-1 custom or small group Google Ads training to businesses throughout Northern Ireland and Ireland. The training is extremely helpful for businesses that wish to manage their own campaigns or for those that wish to have an understanding of what their Google Ads management teams are actually doing.

Yell & Other Google Ads Agencies

We’ve taken over campaigns run by Yell and other agencies and consistently performed well against them. One recent Yell customer we worked with was able to make a £10,000+ saving with a couple of days of work and still increase calls and leads. We can get you more clicks with less spend and cheaper conversion costs. We have consistently done this for the numerous accounts that we have taken over from other agencies.

Codefixer took over a campaign run by another local award-winning and high profile Google Ads company that also specialise in Google Ads. Within a month or two the conversion rates were up well over 400%, the campaign had roughly 14 conversions a month when Codefixer took over from the previous company, they reached 69 conversions within a couple of months. A year later we are getting over 100 good quality conversions a month. This was with less spend than the original Google Ads agency had, and the same goals being tracked. We thrive on taking over poorly performing or mediocre campaigns and turning them around.

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