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Need to get to the top of Search Results & Increase Visibility?

If you are currently struggling to get high rankings in Google, we as an SEO agency can help you get a better Return on Investment on your SEO. We are specialists in SEO, we use the best software coupled with our expertise and understanding of how Google’s algorithm works to produce outstanding results.

the Codefixer SEO team

SEO Services We Provide

  • Local SEO including Google My Business

  • Ecommerce SEO

  • SEO Strategies & Consultation

  • Website Audits

  • Keyword Research

  • Google Analytics

  • Competitor Research

  • Site Migrations and 301 Redirects

  • Internal & External Link Building

  • Google Penalty Detection & Recovery

  • Google Webmaster Tools & Google Search Console

We have knowledge of working and promoting websites in many markets including: Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing, Medical Services, Professional & Financial Services, Hospitality & Catering, IT & Web, Leisure, PR & Marketing, Recruitment, Tourism & Weddings. We’ve worked with local Belfast & Northern Ireland clients and companies all over the world.

Michael Wall

Google Partner

Michael Wall one of Ireland’s longest serving SEO and Pay Per Click specialists performs the SEO Services, and has extensive experience working on major CMS systems.

Michael firmly believes SEO & PPC works hand in hand, being specialists in both, we can ensure outstanding results.

What’s the best thing about SEO?

SEO is a cost effective method of increasing your website or business’s visibility with measurable results and accurate reporting via the use of Google Analytics. Using this Analytical data, content and strategies can be adjusted quickly and effectively to ensure quality lead generation, this is something that can’t be achieved with traditional media and yields a higher ROI.

SEO Campaigns

We can help you build an SEO strategy, starting with an audit. Unlike some other SEO agencies and consultants that will only produce a strategy document, we can help you implement and monitor the audit.
We use the best paid software such as Advanced Web Ranking to collect data such as keyword rankings and then use our knowledge and experience to interpret that data.
Each client receives comprehensive monthly reports with actionable insights.

E-commerce SEO

At the top of the scale we work with e-commerce websites that attract 40 thousand organic users a month and generate over 250 thousand pound in monthly revenue. We also work with smaller e-commerce websites with monthly turnovers of 10,000 pound, for one new client in 2019 we trebled the organic traffic from 1,000 to 3,000 monthly users and achieved excellent improvements to keyword rankings for competitive terms.

Local SEO

There’s no SEO agency that knows as much as we do about putting together successful local SEO search campaigns, it’s one of our fortes. If you need to improve your Google My Business listing or are running a local SEO campaign then speak to us to see what we have to offer.


We can work with all the popular platforms such Shopify, WordPress & Woocommerce, Magento and Expression Engine.

SEO Audits Available

If you have recently made some big changes to your website or would like to know how your current SEO performs, we provide SEO audits that will inform you on current negative factors and areas your website can improve. We are specialists in Onsite SEO and can breakdown actionable insights for your web developer or in-house team.

What We Don’t Do

  • Confuse you with corporate jargon – we’re clear & precise

  • Leave everything up to automated software – we have a hands on approach

  • Use black hat unethical techniques – we’re strictly white hat here

What We Will Promise

  • One point of contact with an experienced Google Certified specialist
  • All work carried out by an experienced specialist
  • Monthly reporting with useful insights and recommendations
  • Responsive support & dedicated account management
  • Training and mentoring if requested

SEO Training

We also offer 1-1 custom or small group Google SEO training. The training is extremely helpful for businesses that wish to manage their own Search Engine Optimization or for those that wish to have an understanding of what their SEO consultants are actually doing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s better SEO or PPC?2020-01-29T10:51:53+00:00

Both have their place in a Search Engine strategy. If you are want to be successful online then it’s recommended that you run both. We work in Search and provide both services, we see them as going hand in hand.

When should you use SEO?2020-01-29T10:38:08+00:00

We would recommend that you get your SEO involved in the planning of the website. An SEO will be able to provide you with advice on the platform that you choose to build your website, some platforms are more search engine friendly than others.

You should also consult an SEO if you are deciding to rebuild or redesign your website. In many cases there are big drops in organic traffic when sites are redeveloped and there hasn’t been a plan in place to preserve the equity in the site.

Why is SEO so important for your website?2020-01-29T10:53:27+00:00

To be successful online you need to get as many targeted visitors to your webpages as possible. SEO helps drive traffic to your website. It’s also a very cost-effective method of getting that traffic.

Do you offer a Free SEO audit?2020-08-24T15:59:29+00:00

No, most companies that offer free SEO audits just run automated software that produces a report that offers little value.

We offer comprehensive paid SEO audits, written by specialists that will study your website, your analytics, your Google Search Console reports, and deep dive into the issues that may be holding your site and business back. We’ll propose solutions, and assign priorities and tasks. This takes time and analysis and is where we add our value.

Can you guarantee SEO results?2020-08-24T16:03:31+00:00

We don’t guarantee SEO results. It’s difficult to guarantee results, there are too many variables in play including what your competitors are doing, and Google’s algorithm can sometimes be unpredictable. Indeed, Google offers advice to stay away from companies that offer guaranteed results.

What we do is offer you the opportunity to work with our team of specialists. We have a proven track record of delivering an excellent Return on Investment for our clients.

How long does it take to start seeing results from SEO?2020-08-24T16:05:53+00:00

The time period can differ depending on the site and the competitiveness of your keywords and market. If it’s a new site in a competitive market then it can take quite a long time to build authority. There are times when the site has good authority but poor targeting and simple fixes to technical or on-site issues can lead to quick wins.

Why do you not recommend cheap SEO?2020-08-24T16:08:07+00:00

Our team has the best specialists and uses the best paid software. We invest in their ongoing careers with training and personal development and send them to conferences to learn and mix with their peers.

SEO takes time and expertise, it involves analysis, implementation and reporting. We’re committed to working long term with our clients as partners, rather than being cheap providers.

Is SEO a one-time process?2020-08-24T16:10:39+00:00

No, SEO is an ongoing process of continual improvement and not a one-time event. Your competition will continue to improve, and search engines such as Google continue to evolve with new features. What worked well in the past may not work as well. The more competitive your market is, the more ongoing work that is needed.

Does my site need an SEO audit?2020-08-24T16:13:31+00:00

The SEO Audit is a starting point for your SEO strategy. It allows us to learn more about your business and do a health check on your website, your competitors and your market. We identify issues with the site and propose solutions. The recommendations are assigned and priorities set. We can project manage the recommendations of the SEO audit.

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