SEO Training

Simple and effective training to teach you how to manage and improve your Search Engine Rankings with a local SEO Specialist.

Want to learn why your site isn’t at the top of Google, and your competitors are?

We offer public courses, 1-1 or small group training in SEO to help you understand what factors Google takes into consideration in ranking your website. The course will help you develop a specific strategy for your site and market.

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Topics This Training Covers

  • What is SEO

  • Relying on SEO

  • Benefits and downsides of SEO

  • Search engine history

  • A breakdown of where traffic comes from

  • Makeup of a Google Search
  • Percentage of traffic Organic search gets

  • Benchmarking your site

  • Benefits of Google Analytics

  • Keyword tracking software

  • On site SEO and ranking factors

  • Off site ranking factors

  • Diagnosing problems with your site

  • Keyword research

  • Competitor research

  • Link building

Michael Wall

Google Partner

Michael Wall one of Ireland’s longest serving SEO and Pay Per Click specialists takes the SEO Training. Michael is passionate about search and sharing his knowledge with others.

Michael can quickly diagnose SEO issues with your website and provide the answers in an easy to understand manner.

What You Will Learn

  • How to SEO your site
  • How to build an effective SEO strategy
  • How to manage an SEO campaign & what software to use
  • What factors Google takes into consideration when ranking sites. There are over 250!
  • If you’ve employed someone to do your SEO, you’ll be able to assess how much SEO has been done on your site and the quality of it
  • How to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your competitor’s sites
  • How to benchmark and measure your sites progress
  • Understand SEO jargon so you can now understand what your SEO guy is talking about!
  • The myths that come with SEO
  • SEO mistakes to avoid
  • Who to follow, what blogs and forums to read

Why Us?

  • Courses are taught by experts in their field, who work in their field daily and don’t just teach
  • The courses are tailored around your level, your website and your market
  • We’re always willing to help with after course support
  • There’s prep work done to make sure the courses go well and we know exactly what you want to achieve
  • The group sizes are small so that they can be specific & detailed, hands on and answer all your questions
  • Working in the industry means we keep up with all the latest updates

Class sizes

We offer 1-1 training or group training.

We also offer public courses which are posted on the website.

Course Duration

We can arrange full day courses from 9.30 am – 4.30 pm, or shorter 3 hour morning or afternoon courses. Evening and weekend courses are also available.

If you’d like short term or long term mentoring, then that’s also available.

Course Location

Our training room is on the Malone Road, Belfast. We can also come to your business location and provide on-site training. Training available throughout Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland.

Who is the training suitable for?

Training is suitable for business owners, marketers, digital marketers, social media marketers and anyone who wants to learn.

Who We’ve Trained

Garage Door Systems
Boyd Rice Solicitors
LBS Products
Belfast Met
Reid Black
Peter Thomas Photography
JJ Loughran

Who We’ve Trained

Garage Door Systems
Boyd Rice Solicitors
LBS Products
Belfast Met
Reid Black Solicitors
Peter Thomas Photography
JJ Loughran

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