Google Ads revenue increased by over 200% in 2023

Client Overview

  • The client is an airport parking provider beside Belfast International Airport.
  • Key coverage areas include NI and ROI.
  • The customer wanted to increase car park bookings and profitability.
  • Website hosted on WordPress.
  • We had access to Google Ads, Analytics, & Tag Manager.

The Brief

  • The client had a strong brand however a limited online presence before hiring us.
  • High levels of competition in the industry.
  • The client’s main goal is to increase car park bookings throughout NI and ROI and maximise revenue and profitability.

Strategy – What did we do?

  • With the help of our SEO team we built the client a functional and converting website.
  • Set up proper conversion tracking to accurately measure and analyse results.
  • Set up search and display campaigns. Optimal campaign types to help clients achieve their goals.
  • Segmented campaigns by targeted countries to keep them laser focused and easy to measure results.
  • Utilised customer email lists and custom audiences within our display campaigns as part of our retargeting strategy.
  • Strong focus on branded campaigns in NI & ROI due to high levels of competition.
  • Excluded underperforming locations, reducing waste and improves conversion rates.
  • Extensive keyword targeting, ensuring we had the highest impression share of airport parking related searches.
  • Tested various bidding strategies to identify the most profitable approach.
  • With seasonality being a big factor we managed budgets to maximise conversions during peak periods.
  • Set up structured, regular meetings with the client.

The Results – What did we achieve?

We’ve been working with the client for 8 years+, we have built the account from the ground up starting with a tiny budget of £200 per month ad spend in 2015, to now generating over high six figures in revenue just through Google Ads in 2023.

We achieved and maintained the highest impression shared amongst competitors throughout the year.

Below are the Year on Year stats.

  • ROAS
  • 16.45:1 (+99.13%)
  • Conversions
  • 16,244.37 (+27.14%)
  • Revenue
  • +208.81%


Codefixer have been a key part of driving forward our businesses online presence. Michael and his team have been great to work with and grown my business over the years. Highly recommended. The best investment for any business.” Alan, business owner.

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