20+ ROAS, high 6 figures in revenue and 12% increase in conversions

Client Overview

  • The client is an electrical goods business selling electrical items for the home to Northern Ireland and specific items to the UK.
  • The industry they are in is extremely competitive, they compete with the likes of Curry’s, Dyson, John Lewis, Argos plus all the smaller electrical retailers.
  • Most of their primary products are top end brands, the biggest being Dyson, Samsung, Ninja, Belling, Siemens, Sony etc.
  • Website hosted on Shopwired.
  • Access to GA4, Merchant Centre, Website Dashboard, Tag Manager.

The Brief

  • The specific challenges around the campaign which is the focus of this case study was around generating revenue for a specific range of electricals by Dyson.
  • Being such a large Brand name this meant that the market environment on Google Ads was extremely competitive.
  • Their primary objective around this particular line of products was to be competitive and to compete for product sales both in Northern Ireland and in the UK.

Strategy – What did we do?

  • We outlined the main products to use in the campaign, which we did have historical data for as we have managed this account for a few years.
  • We created a price check document which is completed twice every week and includes the best priced competitor for that period.
  • We reviewed and improved product and title descriptions and landing page information for the main target products.
  • Built new audience signals to use in PMAX along with new search themes in order to target relevant searches and also similar audiences using competitor sites, we also included existing customer lists.
  • ROAS & Budget management.

The Results – What did we achieve?

  • Very High 6 figure revenue generated from the Dyson campaign over 12 months (10% increase on 2022)
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) – 20.26:1 (For every £1 spent we generated £20.26 for the client)
  • Reduced Cost per Conversion by 5% YoY
  • Conversion volume increased by over 12% YoY
  • ROAS
  • 20.26:1
  • Conversions
  • +12%
  • Revenue
  • +10%


“Top work, been working with the guys for several years and it’s been very profitable.” Raymond, Business Owner.

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