Monthly clicks increased by 745% from 342 to 2,893

Client Overview

The client is Northern Ireland’s largest electricity supplier, energising over half a million homes and businesses for almost 90 years.

The Brief

Before our collaboration, the client struggled with keyword cannibalisation, leading to incorrect pages ranking for targeted keywords because their domestic and business pages were competing for the same terms. Additionally, they had challenges in developing supporting content that effectively matched their primary services.

The goals set during our engagement included resolving keyword cannibalisation issues, enhancing non-brand organic impressions and clicks to service pages, minimising technical issues, improving topical authority with relevant supporting content, and boosting organic conversions.

Strategy – What did we do?

The engagement began with an intensive 5-week audit, focusing on a thorough examination of the client’s current organic performance. This audit pinpointed various issues, including technical, content, and on-page problems.

During a 14-month period, we collaborated with the client to tackle technical, content, on-page, and keyword cannibalisation challenges. This involved optimising the desired pages while de-optimising the less relevant pages.

Following extensive keyword research and competitor analysis, we developed a detailed 12-month content calendar. This calendar included comprehensive briefs for each piece of supporting content, aimed at facilitating a more efficient content creation process.

The Results – What did we achieve?

Our efforts significantly reduced technical debt by resolving redirect issues, repairing broken pages, and enhancing Core Web Vital metrics. Additionally, we improved the user experience by addressing keyword cannibalisation problems.

A key focus was implementing a strong content strategy, resulting in the publication of 28 pieces over 8 months. This strategy led to a remarkable increase in impressions and clicks for supporting content.

  • Impressions – up by 785.33% (from 38,400 to 339,970)
  • Clicks – up by 745.90% (from 342 to 2,893)

Additionally, this approach successfully captured numerous featured snippets for top-of-the-funnel keywords relevant to the client’s industry. This achievement boosted brand awareness and solidified the client’s reputation as a thought leader in “home energy” and Electric Vehicles (EV) in Northern Ireland.

Our engagement with the client proved beneficial not only in acquiring new customers through SEO but also in retaining existing ones. We achieved this by ensuring consistent visibility for both acquisition and retention-related search terms.

  • Impressions
  • +785.33%
  • Clicks
  • +745.90%


To follow.

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