SEO Audit

Find out why you’re not getting the results you want

Our SEO audit involves a review of your website. Think of it as a medical check up to see how your general health is. Even if you feel fine you should still go. Audits provide a list of recommendations based on their evaluations. Codefixer’s SEO audit looks at the following areas:

  • How your site is built and structured.
  • How Google has indexed the pages and site.
  • How your site ranks on Google.
  • How your competition is doing, including a review of the current SERPS (search engine results pages / positions).
  • What factors are making your site underperform, and how can these be addressed.
  • The quality and quantity of your backlink profile.

What tools do you use?

The audit is conducted using Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and paid software such as ScreamingFrog and MajesticSEO. No two audits are the same, you’ll receive a bespoke audit with emphasis on the strengths and weakness of your site.

It’s important to audit your website regularly in order to keep up with developments in the SEO industry.

Actionable Recommendations

Audits will provide a list of actionable recommendations. Our manual review is comprehensive and easy to understand. By following the recommendations you will improve your sites performance substantially. As SEO experts, we know all the right questions to ask and can offer first class advice based on the answers. If you haven’t already done so, look after your site and get it audited today.

What makes your audits different?

  • The audits are manually written and researched
  • They are written by experienced SEO specialists
  • They are produced to find low hanging fruit and long term strategies
  • They are detailed, easy to follow with no fluff
  • You’ll be able to implement the findings or ask us to do this. We don’t write high level strategies that you don’t know how to implement and the audit just becomes a meaningless costly exercise
  • The audit will explain what you have to do, we will go through the findings with you, and provide training and mentoring if required


“Our developers thought the SEO report was probably the fairest, most balanced and well thought out report they’ve seen from an SEO consultant, and they’ve seen a few! All good points, without trying to stuff the report with worthless suggestions to justify a fee…”
Victoria Hutchinson, Tibus.

“Thanks for the report – it has proven incredibly useful in providing some solutions to our problems…”
Stephen Rooney – HaldaneFisher.

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Chris Lamph testimonial "Michael is a true organic and paid search market expert. His knowledge is excellent and he's very much up to date with all the latest Google algos. Unlike MOST digital marketing firms Michael really knows what he's talking about. He helped me develop an excellent new Pay per click campaign increasing conversion rates and reducing cost per click."

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