If you are spending more on a night out than what you invest in your SEO then chances are you are getting little more than an invoice every month!

SEO is too complicated and involved to be as cheap as chips.

For an agency or freelancer the software needed and all the other costs of running a business would kill any profit. On top of that, there’s a price for dealing with client expectations and the SEO agency should get rewarded for doing a good job.

£200 odd a month isn’t anywhere enough to make a big difference in most markets.

If you get extremely lucky and get a freelancer that knows their stuff and undervalues their work then they’ll not hang about for too long.

True Story – last year we got a call from a big company with branches all over the UK & Ireland. On the call was an experienced marketer who was trying to find them a new SEO agency. They had already burnt through 2 SEO agencies, that both provided little more than a monthly automated SEMRush report. The reason why they were looking for their 3rd agency, simply that they don’t value SEO.

Our advice is to invest in your SEO, make a commitment to it in terms of money and time.