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WordPress, an SEO Friendly Content Management System

WordPress started as a blogging platform, though has developed into a world class content management system.

WordPress is so popular that there are estimates that atleast 1 in 5 small business websites are now powered by it.

Why use WordPress?

  • It’s opensource and free
  • There’s an active community of developers constantly helping to improve WordPress
  • It’s easy to use and update your website
  • Can be modified to create responsive designs that work in all devices
  • Security updates & features are released to help protect your site
  • It’s very search engine friendly

We have been working with WordPress for a long time, and have worked on scores of WordPress websites. We have a combined 15 yrs experience working with WordPress. We think it’s a fantastic content management system, and when redeveloping this site we used it. You can see some of our client work for sites that we have used WordPress on.

Content is key to a successful website. Allowing site owners the ability to add content whether it’s company news, a blog post or new products, is essential and WordPress lets you do this.

WordPress Training

We know the ins and outs of it but we don’t want to keep it to ourselves. We will train you in how to use it so that you can take control of the content on your site. Once you get used to it it’s as easy as using a word processor.

If, however, you are running a small business and you don’t have the time to get trained up and get used to it, no problem – we’ll manage the content for you. The important thing is that the content gets refreshed. People instinctively know stale content when they come across it on the web and they will make a mental note not to visit the site again. If you want to retain existing customers and attract new ones then fresh content is vitally important.

WordPress Maintenance & Security

For you peace of mind we can provide you with a monthly maintenance package that includes backing up your site, updating out of date plugins and keeping WordPress up to date with latest security releases.

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Chris Lamph testimonial "Michael is a true organic and paid search market expert. His knowledge is excellent and he's very much up to date with all the latest Google algos. Unlike MOST digital marketing firms Michael really knows what he's talking about. He helped me develop an excellent new Pay per click campaign increasing conversion rates and reducing cost per click."

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