In September Codefixer returned to Brighton to participate in the inaugural Search Advertising Show.

At the Search Advertising Show, 2019 Codefixer’s Corey brought his skills and experience to the packed room in delivering his presentation on “De-Junking Google Ads Accounts”.

de-junking Google Ads Accounts

Some of the ideas covered in Corey’s talk included; Account Settings, Bid Strategies, Manual vs Smart bidding, Ad Types, using Ad Extensions, and more.

The Search Advertising Show, in Brighton, held annually is certainly an important event for any paid search advertisers events calendar and to be recommended for any digital marketer running paid search campaigns.

Some of the other talks of the day provided a wealth of valuable information on; Artificial Advertising in Google Ads, Smart Bidding Strategies, Landing Pages, Amazon Advertising, and Multi-Channel Audience Management from some of the worlds best PPC specialists.

For a list of all the slides from the Search Advertising show check out this link.

And if you missed it, don’t worry, there’s one last opportunity to see the “De-Junking Google Ads Accounts” presentation, in October in Belfast for Belfast Marketing Meetup in support of Pretty ‘N Pink, a local Breast Cancer Awareness charity based in Northern Ireland.