If you run an eCommerce site, here’s a list of issues that may be holding your site back. This is an actual list of concerns that almost stopped purchasers from completing their order.

The responses are grouped into related categories.


  • Had to check price was competitive
  • Price slightly higher than seen elsewhere
  • Price of item
  • I checked out prices on another company recommended to me and they seem a little cheaper but their postage was more expensive.. I decided to stick with you as I had bought from you previously and you provided a good delivery.
  • just price
  • l enquired about this item by email a few weeks ago, disappointed that the price has increased by £30 today
  • Nearly getting charged for delivery at £399


  • Shipping cost – I have bought from you in the past and the cost of the item is enough to pay without delivery charges on top
  • Waiting to see delivery costs
  • Postage on an order of over £90.
  • Having to pay £25.00 delivery on an order under £400.00
  • Delivery charge for order under £400 made me compare with an alternative site. In end order was over £400 so wasn’t an issue
  • Delivery Cost
  • Postage/Delivery
  • no clear delivery dates
  • The delivery time.
  • Postage on a small item
  • no next day delivery
  • 1 part on back order
  • What address to get it sent to, work address or home address.
  • I did check to see if I could have guaranteed delivery sooner than the two to three days quoted.
  • Not knowing the delivery charge.
  • You don’t deliver to my address.

Delivery Info

  • Nothing really stopped me, but it would be good to know the lead delivery time from the outset. instead of being told when going through the transaction. delivery lead times are a deciding factor for me.
  • knowing if I could arrange delivery on a suitable day
  • Not having a 24 hour delivery option
  • Postage not mentioned until total to pay at the end
  • Delivery policy, kerbside.
  • delivery difficult getting time off work
  • Length of delivery time.
  • The fact that you would not deliver all the way to my home address and I have to pay a further delivery to get it home
  • When will it be delivered?


  • Item was out of stock
  • lack of item
  • No stock/availability
  • Item out of stock and had to be back-ordered. However, the alternative would have been to pay a lot more elsewhere.
  • Did not come in the colour I wanted.
  • The design and price
  • not in stock and lack of sizes available
  • Lack of categories
  • Wasn’t in stock, but a lovely lady assured me I would still have it in 2 weeks
  • Making sure material was available
  • lack of accessories
  • Not knowing whether it was in stock.
  • I just wanted to know when the product would be restocked
  • not in stock just now.but will deliver when in.
  • The item we chose is available in other colours elsewhere – only black available from you.
  • Choice


  • I’m not entirely sure I’m buying the right parts.
  • hoping I have chosen the right product for us
  • Uncertainty about which to choose
  • Wasn’t sure
  • unsure I’d ordered the right items
  • I have returned one item because it was too small. I hope this one is ok because I’m losing money on return postage.
  • Finding the item needed
  • Knowing what products to buy
  • Ensuring that the item I ordered was exactly the same as the one I had bought previously
  • Wasn’t sure of my order
  • To check alternative companies and prices
  • Not sure of quality of product but read reviews which were good and also noted 14 day return policy
  • only our indecision
  • could not decide on colour

Lack of Information:

  • Product Technical details – need to re-confirm details elsewhere
  • Not clear about exactly which item I needed
  • The fact that I had to call to check availability.
  • Unknown quality & price
  • Not enough information about the product; would have to pay to send it back
  • delivery information
  • Specific details about the item
  • Lack of product information, but I have been considering this purchase for a while.
  • Better listings of product materials
  • details on product being incorrect
  • unsure about product details
  • You did not make the delivery cost clear until the very end of the transaction- unless I missed it somewhere
  • Could have been clearer as many items look the same
  • level of detail in description poor
  • Information about the item


  • paying took several attempts. Eventually I had to pay via Paypal. This was the last attempt before I would have got it elsewhere.
  • confusing on how to pay by Paypal.
  • no Paypal
  • Two things: First, Paypal link didn’t work – kept freezing on blank screen; Second, I didn’t understand that Sage Pay meant I could use my visa debit. My fault!
  • wasn’t quite sure how to get to Paypal
  • Payment through amazon or Paypal was not working. But I have used this company a few times and they are excellent.
  • After ‘oking’ Paypal I expected that the order was complete. So I waited to see if the transaction had gone through. no, so I did it all again. That was my only stumbling point.
  • adding my address and details as use Paypal
  • Always look for PayPal option
  • Difficulty paying with Sage, kept coming up page error, had to go through Pay pal as a guest
  • sage payment wouldn’t accept my card?
  • Sage payment kept saying vendor authentication failed
  • Sage pay doesn’t work used two credit cards and none would go through had to use PayPal with debit card instead
  • When trying to use my visa credit card sage pay would not accept the address even though it was from the pick list offered for the post code. I had to phone in to find out the reason for rejection and it would still not accept when your telephone operative entered it. Finally used a debit card for the same address = accepted.
  • never used sage pay before
  • Couldn’t connect to sage pay earlier in the day
  • Yes Sage pay went into error mode and I couldn’t proceed
  • On iPad it wouldn’t click on the AmazonPay and eventually opened a widget page, which was confusing as I had to go back to the last opened page to pay
  • Tried to use Amazon pay – just went round in circles- Amazon login – back to previous screen- got nowhere. Far too long winded and complicated.
  • I don’t deal with Amazon after an expensive issue was not resolved to my expense. I now exclusively deal with eBay, who are exemplary.
  • 3DS declined my cards 3 times
  • Card authorisation process does not seem to conform to other on-line standards. Took me about 20 attempts to get it right
  • Your form would not let me have a different billing address from my delivery address
  • probably ease of payment .
  • I used PayPal and it threw me back to your website which was a little confusing at first as I thought I had already placed the order then noticed it required confirming.
  • Trying to complete the order, your address system for credit cards outside of the UK doesn’t work.it only accept UK addresses
  • Site didn’t recognise my credit card
  • My other payment options being available. I have a business card and a personal one but not the personal one was stored.
  • rejection of first payment method


  • one more darned password
  • shopping cart playing up
  • delivery window not stated
  • could not see any company reviews
  • Internal Server Error
  • Your website
  • lack of info about lead time

Order Process:

  • cost of delivery at the end of order process instead of the beginning
  • ordering was a bit confusing.
  • having to fill in all the details of payment
  • Filling in the address proved awkward
  • Arriving at correct payment details
  • confusion over what website I was buying from, as when I proceeded to pay on the website, Amazon popped up
  • the fact that your site does not accept or remember my details as a customer
  • price change on check out


  • Not knowing the measurements
  • Not being able to see the size
  • exact sizes not listed
  • Was not sure of the size mentions small, medium and large size
  • measurement check by me
  • No technical measurements
  • The site could do with more detailed measurements.


  • only because first time ordering with your company
  • I have never heard of you
  • trust
  • Didn’t know of the company


  • Not seeing the product before purchase
  • Not seeing in showroom
  • I’m nervous about buying on Internet

Customer Service:

  • The fact that I phoned and was told I would get a phone call back, but I never did.
  • Couldn’t speak to an operator so I couldn’t apply for a finance deal.
  • tried to phone but it was lunchtime

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