At Codefixer we are all about increasing our knowledge and skills. By attending events and conferences we ensure our campaigns are focused on performance and profitability for our clients. As such, we are constantly on the lookout for fresh industry trends, skills and tricks to help us create customer-winning digital marketing campaigns for our clients!

This year we will be attending some exciting conferences and events to listen to thought leaders in digital marketing and ensure we get the edge against our competition, the first one being Brighton SEO in April 2019. We’ve been before and it’s a great show in a great location. This year we’ve two team members going so we’ll be able to go to different tracks and learn as much as possible.

Brighton SEO – April 2019

Brighton SEO began from a small group of like-minded SEO’s meeting in the upstairs of a small pub and chatting about internet marketing. The convention has grown to become the biggest SEO event in the UK, and certainly not one to be missed!

The convention is a one-day search engine marketing conference. It features fantastic presentations from leading industry experts, and provides training courses and workshops on; Analytics, PPC, SEO & everything Search Marketing.

Brighton SEO runs bi-annually and brings together thousands of industry experts from some of the worlds best-known brands, sharing their experience, knowledge, trends, & predictions for the future of SEO.

We look forward to seeing & hearing from speakers at Brighton SEO 2019 including representatives from; Google, SEMrush, Screaming Frog, Deepcrawl, and tons more!

Top 3 Brighton SEO Talks We Are Excited For This Year

“Using Data Science To Work Smarter Not Harder in PPC” by Henry Carless from Vertical Leap.

Henry will be covering techniques in using automation in Google Ads to gather data and more easily manage campaigns and analytics of Google Ads campaigns.

As a leading Belfast Google Ads agency and Google Search Advertising Partner we know a thing or two about running a successful Google Ads campaign. To maintain this, we are constantly working to improve, refine and optimise our campaigns to ensure that we offer the best services available in the market and continue to deliver hard-hitting campaigns for our clients!

This talk by Henry will help us learn new skills and techniques which we will use to improve the campaigns we run at Codefixer for our clients. As a result, we will be able to integrate this information with our campaigns to increase the return on advertising spend and improve profitability!

“Speed Performance Optimisation” from Rachel Costello of DeepCrawl.

Rachel will be discussing methods of measuring and improving the load speed of web pages.

As you may know, 2018 was very much the year of page-speed at Google. With mobile-first indexing, two speed updates, the introduction of, and the official AMP WordPress plug-in release, Google has really upped the ante when it comes to site loading speed and has shifted a lot of focus on to it. Google has confirmed that page speed is now a significant ranking factor. This is certainly something that any good SEO is keeping a keen eye on!

We will use the information discovered from Rachel to ensure Codefixer has the cutting edge technologies, data, and techniques in ensuring our websites load fast for all users and improve not only the ranking of our client websites but also ensure that customers on all devices, on all networks, are able to interact and convert on our client landing pages and websites.

“Serious Talk About Schema” by Dan Callis of Edit.

Dan will be teaching us the ins and outs of Schema & structured data markup and how, when, and why this should be used and what effect it has on SEO. has been around since 2011 – which may as well be light-years when it comes to SEO – and has remained a hotly contested issue with SEO circles for years. Schema is essentially extra information that is attributed to data on your website to help search engines and end-users understand the nature of what it is. You may have seen this on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) used for things such as; the knowledge graph, rich snippets, breadcrumbs, events, blog authors, recipes, star ratings, etc.

We hope that Dan will provide us with new insights on how we can better use structured data to ensure that our SEO campaigns leave no stone unturned and allow our clients to keep outperforming the competition in the SERPs!

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