As a Partnered Google Ads agency, we quite regularly receive questions by inquisitive business owners & marketers about Google Ads, and the benefits of a Google Ads account maintained by Codefixer. Below, Corey, who looks after our Google Ads clients at Codefixer will be answering a small selection of some of the most frequently asked Google Ads questions.

How much does Google Ads cost?

Google Ads can work for just about any budget and is completely adjustable at any time. Unlike traditional marketing methods, Google Ads works on a daily budget, rather than a campaign budget, meaning that your budget can be increased or decreased very simply from the Google Ads interface. This allows advertisers, and our clients, complete control and flexibility over how much they spend on a month-by-month basis, dependant on seasonal traffic, unexpected closures, or any other event which might restrict or increase the budget available for advertising online. As a Google Partnered Agency, we can also provide you with up to £120 towards your first months spend for newly created accounts.

How long does it take for Google Ads to work?

Unlike SEO, Google Ads can provide almost immediate targeted traffic to your website or business with Ads often showing within just hours of the Google Ads account & campaigns being created. Likewise, the performance data received from Google Ads is continual, rather than in weekly, or monthly intervals. This allows us to continually evaluate account & campaign performance. We can then use this data to regularly adjust the account to increase the quality of traffic and the number of conversions.

Whilst a Google Ads account can be set-up and start delivering ads almost immediately, we routinely find that accounts that have been managed and maintained over longer periods of time appear to consistently improve as time goes on. This allows us to provide clients with better stats almost every month!

What types of products/services should you advertise on Google Ads?

We have had monumental success with a vast array of products and services on Google Ads and always offer a free, no-obligation consultation for Google Ads clients to evaluate opportunities and give a prediction, based on our experience, of how your Google Ads account should perform. We have over 90% customer retention with the many of our clients staying with us for multiple years.

Google Ads is most profitable for products or services with;

  • A high customer lifetime value – Businesses that can expect customers to return over a long period of time, such as Solicitors, Dentists, or residential services.
  • High Margins – Products or services with high margins allow us to more aggressively target users to allow us to compete better in the market place, such as electrical goods, manufacturers, or large B2B sellers.
  • Large product/service ranges – Businesses with a large & diverse range of products or services allow us to more accurately target users for the most profitable/desirable products or services. For example, business services, or e-commerce websites with large product catalogues.
  • Online/Mobile Businesses – Businesses that don’t have a physical location or that travel to the customer’s location find Google Ads allows us to target users in locations that you choose. This saves time, and money on travelling to further away locations to generate the same work. Our home improvement businesses find cutting down on travel times allow them to manage a larger number of customers, whilst choosing to prioritise advertising services which are of most value to the company.
  • Specialist products/services – Business with little to no competition online benefit from lower cost-per-click, and can more easily corner the market getting you to the top of the page, consistently, for your chosen products or services. We have clients who offer parking services who appear on over 80% of searches for keywords we are bidding on.

What types of advertising can you do through Google Ads?

  • Search – Google Search Ads show up, normally above the Organic (Non-Paid) search results when a user searches for a keyword that an advertiser is bidding on.
  • Shopping – Google Shopping is a means of showing your products to users when users search for them on Google. Read How We Generated Over £1m For Our Client Using Google Shopping
  • Display – Google Display Ads appear on the Google Display Network. The Google Display Network is a network of millions of websites such as news websites, blogs, and forums. Google Display ads are banner ads that appear to users on these websites to users who you are targeting.
  • Video – Video Ads can appear on YouTube, websites, and smartphone apps running on Google Video Partners.

Why should I use Codefixer for Google Ads?

As a Google Partner, we must keep up-to-date with Google’s internal evaluations based on certifications, account performance, overall ad spend, and company growth. This ensures that we keep up-to-date with Google Ads and follow best-practice.

We have an impressive track record working with some of the largest companies in Northern Ireland in delivering best-in-class Google Ads results. On top of this, we also provide coaching and training, as well as speaking at events across the UK helping other businesses and advertisers get more out of their Google Ads campaigns. As a partner, we can help businesses with expert advice and support with strong working relationships with the Google Support Team.

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