July 5, 2019

What Is Google Signals & How To Use Google Signals

Picture this, a user visits your e-commerce website on their computer during their lunch break at work, lunch finishes and they leave your website. Later on the same day, the same customer revisits your website from their mobile phone on the train home from work, again, they don’t
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June 21, 2019

Codefixer Is Going (Back) To Brighton

As you may have guessed from our first blog on going to Brighton SEO or maybe from our second blog on what we learned from Brighton SEO that we, at Codefixer, have a little bit of
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Brighton SEO 2019 Blimp & Banner
April 17, 2019

What We Learned From Brighton SEO 2019

Lessons From Brighton SEO 2019 For me, Corey, this was the first time I would experience Brighton SEO after hearing about it over the last few years, and as a bona-fide search nerd I was
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Brighton Sea Front Sandy Beach Overlooking the Sea
January 29, 2019

Codefixer Is Going To Brighton SEO!

At Codefixer we are all about increasing our knowledge and skills. By attending events and conferences we ensure our campaigns are focused on performance and profitability for our clients. As such, we are constantly on the lookout for fresh industry trends, skills and tricks to help us
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Google Ads Device Exclusion
January 28, 2019

How To Exclude Mobile Apps From Display Campaigns – Google Ads Tips

Display campaigns play an extremely useful part of any Google Ads campaign. Not only are display campaigns more cost-effective for reach than a search campaign, but they also allow us to; use engaging imagery in our ads, remarket to audiences who have engaged previously, promote to similar
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November 19, 2018

New Google PageSpeed Insights Update Released

Google PageSpeed Insights tool has received some exciting new updates this week! On the 12th of November, Google has released the newest version of PageSpeed Insights, Version 5. With the version 5 release comes a wealth of resources and new features to help us understand the SEO of
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