SEO FAQs Answered
August 25, 2020

Important SEO Questions You’ve Asked with Answers

Do you offer a Free SEO audit? No, most companies that offer free SEO audits just run automated software that produces a report that offers little value. We offer comprehensive paid SEO audits, written by specialists that will study …
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Frequently Asked Google AdsPPC Questions Answered
August 25, 2020

Your Most Frequently Asked Google Ads/PPC Questions Answered

As a Partnered Google Ads agency, we quite regularly receive questions by inquisitive business owners & marketers about Google Ads, and the benefits of a Google Ads account maintained by Codefixer. Below, Corey, who looks after our Google Ads …
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August 20, 2020

Bing Webmaster Guidelines – What it takes to rank on Bing

When we think of search engines the first thing that comes to mind is Google. For the vast majority of people, Google is the go-to search engine to find information online. However, Google is not the only search engine available, …
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How Does Google Ads Calculate Your Cost Per Click
July 3, 2020

How Does Google Ads Calculate Your Cost Per Click?

How the Google Ads Auction Works Each time a user searches on Google, even before a single result is returned, there are a complex series of calculations done almost instantaneously to determine which content is most suited for the user’s …
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June 20, 2020

What’s the Biggest SEO Mistake?

This SEO mistake can literally wipe your traffic out overnight and kill your leads and sales. Watch the video for some advice.
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June 17, 2020

What’s Better? Google Ads or SEO

We don’t see Google Ads (Pay Per Click) and SEO as competing. Find out what strategy we recommend.
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When should you start SEO
June 13, 2020

When Should You Start Your SEO?

In this video Michael answers SEO related questions!
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Important Post Website Migration Checks & Considerations
June 3, 2020

Important Post Website Migration Checks & Considerations

What is a website migration? A website migration occurs when a website owner decides they want to make a substantial change to the website, this could involve changing the website domain, moving to a new server or re-designing the website …
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June 2, 2020

What is an Attribution Model in Google Analytics and Why It’s Important

What is an Attribution Model? An attribution model is a tool that allows marketers to measure the value of each touchpoint in the customer journey before successfully converting/purchasing. Google describes an attribution model as “the rule, or set of rules, …
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Over 100 Reasons Why Shopping Carts Are Abandoned
May 24, 2020

Over 100 Reasons Why Shopping Carts Are Abandoned

If you run an eCommerce site, here’s a list of issues that may be holding your site back. This is an actual list of concerns that almost stopped purchasers from completing their order. The responses are grouped into related categories.…
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Google E-A-T and why it's important
April 20, 2020

Google E-A-T and Why It’s Important

What is E-A-T? E-A-T was mentioned by Google in 2015 when it officially released its Search Quality Guidelines and stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T). The purpose of E-A-T is to regulate the quality of the content being produced …
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April 16, 2020

Covid-19 Google Ads Grants & SME Support

On the 20th of April 2020, Google announced extra information regarding eligibility criteria & Ad Credit details. This article was updated last on 21/04/20 below.  A few weeks ago Google announced that it was offering support to small and medium …
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Google Shopping
April 16, 2020

How We Generated Over £1m for Our Client Using Google Shopping

Recently we reached an important milestone for one of our clients, achieving £1,000,000 in revenue through their Google Shopping campaign.
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What we are up to
April 8, 2020

What We’re Up To During the Coronavirus

Our team are still working away at home on client campaigns. Luckily over the last couple of years we’ve supported WFH days, so the transition has gone relatively well. We can be contacted on our normal phone line, through our …
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March 27, 2020

How to Fix Unwanted Sitelinks Appearing in Google Search

Sitelinks are a great way to improve the click-through rate on branded searches as they can help visitors navigate your website more effectively by displaying internal pages in search results. The problem with sitelinks is you can’t directly specify which …
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Woman in Face Mask
March 23, 2020

Coronavirus Update

We have closed our offices for the safety of our clients. We will be working remotely for
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Find Results On Google Update
March 10, 2020

Google ‘Find Results On’ Update & Its Impact on SEO

In April 2019 Google started testing the new “Find Results On” feature in some countries in Europe,
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March 7, 2020

How to Make Your Search Results Stand Out with Schema Markup

Do you ever browse through the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) and notice richer results that attract your eye, stand out a mile and wonder why yours don’t? For instance, below is an organic result for an e-commerce website that …
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Average CTR of Featured Snippets
January 28, 2020

January 2020 Google Featured Snippet Update

Back in September 2019, we wrote an article on “How To Rank In The
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Harlequin Manufacturing
January 25, 2020

Google Ads & SEO Training with Harlequin Manufacturing

We love sharing our knowledge and passion for Google Ads & SEO. We spent a fantastic day with Harlequin Manufacturing reviewing &
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